This is victor, with a "V".
I'll be your technical support specialist.

Direct Support

Quick repsonse from
an actual human being


Yes, having an actual support specialist actually matters.

We all know what it’s like working with digital media, some days everything is fine and the next, “BOOM,” something strange happens and all of a sudden you’re chasing a beaver with a waffle iron who just stole your online wallet and you don’t even know what the problem is! 


There are MANY benefits to being part of the Social Sharkz family, but maybe the best one is that you’ll always have that peace of mind knowing that if there is ever a problem, no matter how big or small, our professional staff are only a quick phone call or email away. 


And when others give you the run-around on fixing problems, just remember that good old fashioned American free-enterprise is sitting on your shoulder like a bald eagle screeching into the sky with an American flag whipping behind you like a cape. 

We're not only fun,
we're really fast

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